Lissom Lamp: The beauty oF LACQUER
The appearance of lacquer in Vietnam since XVI century shows a long-standing association with
Vietnamese people's lives through everyday objects such as vases, couplets,... Over such a long
period of time, lacquer has been developed with sophisticated techniques from high skill artists. But in the industrial era, single-use materials such as plastic, nylon ... people tend to forget the hidden beauty of lacquer. With traditional techniques combined with modern technology, lacquer shows its application not only for decoration but also in interior, lighting, fashion, technology,... It can be seen that Lacquer with high durability becomes a material closer to a community-friendly lifestyle. The main research focuses on materials and exploits the novelty in processing lacquer materials. The product set includes a table lamp and a floor lamp with Lacquer material but with innovation in creating Lacquer on the surface of concrete. The design uses geometric blocks with a modern style to emphasise the concrete material combined with lacquer.

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